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Consumer Internet
Intel Capital

Head of
User Experience
Mozilla Labs

Calais Initiative
Lead, Thomson

Global Director
Semantic Technology
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Brooke Aker Brooke Aker
Expert System, USA

Brooke Aker is the CEO of Expert System USA, a leading semantic technology firm, and is a long standing speaker and writer in the areas of Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Predictive Analytics. Mr. Aker is a serial entrepreneur having formed both Acuity Software and Cipher Systems and was a member of the Intelligence practice at The Futures Group/Deloitte Consulting. Mr. Aker has worked with over 130 of the Global 2000 in the formation and operation of successful intelligence, KM or analytics units at such companies as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and Petrobras. He has conducted numerous workshops and given speeches at SCIP, Knowledge Management and Strategy conferences. His technology development of intelligence / analytics systems have been recognized by and won awards from IBM, Strategy Magazine, and Fuld & Co. Mr. Aker earned a MA in Economics from Boston University and a BA in Economics from the University of Vermont.

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Mayank Bawa Mayank Bawa
CEO and Co-Founder
Aster Data Systems

Mayank graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University. As a Stanford Graduate Fellow, Mayank developed algorithms for querying large distributed data systems. Mayank has published a dozen academic papers in top database conferences and has been affiliated with IBM Research and Microsoft Research. He received his B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Bombay; he ranked 4th in the entrance exams for the IITs. Mayank is an avid cricket fan, and holds the "bragging rights" for being the 2nd best wicket-keeper in the 2004 Tennisball Cricket League in the Bay Area Chapter.

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Michael Benedek Michael Benedek
VP, Business Development

Michael is responsible for managing AlmondNet's business development and marketing initiatives and is a key player in helping partners leverage AlmondNet's proprietary technology platform and solutions. Michael joined AlmondNet from, where he was instrumental in bringing AOL as a significant revenue-driving partner. Michael is a frequent speaker at industry events, both in the US and internationally, and has over 15 years of business development experience in the Internet, Financial Services, and Healthcare fields. While born and raised in Canada, Michael has spent all of his working years based in his two favorite cities- New York and Tel Aviv. Michael holds an MA degree in International Affairs from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs in Ottawa, Canada and a BA degree from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada.

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Gil Beyda Gil Beyda
Managing Partner
Genacast Ventures

Gil Beyda is Managing Partner of Genacast Ventures, a seed fund formed in partnership with Comcast Interactive Capital to invest in technology-centric, Internet start-ups. Gil is a seasoned entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. Gil launched his first company Mind Games in 1982 to develop games for the original Apple II. Gil then started a software consulting firm with Fortune 100 clients in the U.S., Asia and Europe. In 1995, Gil helped pioneer Internet advertising by founding Real Media, the first online ad network and ad server company. After Real Media was acquired in 2001, Gil pioneered the next wave of online advertising as CTO of TACODA, the first behavioral targeting, ad network. Following AOL's acquisition of TACODA in 2007, Gil founded Genacast Ventures.

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Riza Berkan Dr. Riza Berkan

Founder of hakia, Dr. Berkan is a nuclear scientist by training with a specialization in artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic. He is the author of several articles in this area, including the book Fuzzy Systems Design Principles published by IEEE in 1997. Between 1990 and 2000, Dr. Berkan worked as a subcontractor to the US Government and handled multiple Lockheed Martin Energy Systems and Westinghouse projects involving the Y-12 Plant, Savannah River Plant, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Dr. Berkan holds a B.S. in Physics from Hacettepe University, Turkey and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Tennessee with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

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Greg Boutin Greg Boutin
Founding Partner
Growthroute Ventures

Greg Boutin is the founder of GrowthRoute Ventures and the lead partner for the emerging technology practice of Riverdale Partners, a strategic planning, marketing and product development boutique. In these roles, Greg helps innovative tech ventures increase their revenue, valuation, and acquisition potential through business consulting services.

Greg acts as a market specialist in the semantic web space. He currently blogs at Semantics Incorporated and To Revenue, is featured monthly on the Semantic Web Gang podcast, and has authored a number of published articles. Previously, Greg worked as a marketing director for a web venture in concept extraction, where he developed the go-to-market strategy that backed the firm's second successful fundraising round. Prior to that, he served as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in Toronto. Greg received an MBA from Stanford University. He is a certified Agile Scrummaster and has deployment experience with the Pragmatic Marketing framework.

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Brad Burnham Brad Burnham
Union Square Ventures

Brad Burnham is both an experienced operator and venture capitalist. His first experience with venture capital was as a member of the founding team of a mainframe software company in 1984. From 1985 until 1990, Brad was a marketing and business development executive for AT&T Computer Systems. In 1990, Brad founded Echo Logic, a Bell Laboratories spin out. As the first AT&T "venture," Echo Logic was the catalyst for the creation of AT&T Ventures, an independent venture capital partnership formed by AT&T in 1992. When Echo Logic was sold in 1993, Brad joined AT&T Ventures as an Executive In Residence. He became a Principal in 1994 and a General Partner in 1996. At AT&T Ventures, Brad was responsible for 14 investments including, Argon Networks, Audible, Avesta Technologies, Classic Sports Network, Multex Systems, Physicians Online, and Paytrust. Brad currently serves on the boards of Passlogix, Indeed and Tacoda Systems. Brad has a BA in Political Science from Wesleyan University. Brad is married with two kids and lives in New York City.

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Michael Cataldo Michael Cataldo
Cambridge Semantics

Mr. Cataldo is CEO of Cambridge Semantics, a leader in providing the most advanced and most practical semantic solutions. Prior to becoming CEO of Cambridge Semantics, Mr. Cataldo was a private investor and management consultant focused early stage companies. In 1997 Mr. Cataldo founded and served as CEO of, MediVation, Inc., which developed the first ePPi (Electronic Provider Patient Interface) an internet-based solution that allowed doctors to connect to their own patients. After becoming the dominant player in the space, Mr. Cataldo sold the company to McKesson Corporation in 2000. Prior to MediVation, Mr. Cataldo served as the general manager of Optika Imaging's healthcare division and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for STC Corporation whose DataGate product became the de facto standard for healthcare integration technology. In his early career, Mr. Cataldo held various management, marketing and sales positions at IBAX Healthcare Systems, Shared Medical Systems and Cable and Wireless. Mr. Cataldo graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in Economics in 1983.

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Ro Choy Ro Choy
Chief Revenue Officer

Rogelio (Ro) Choy is Chief Revenue Officer for RockYou. He leads the business efforts for RockYou. Before joining the RockYou executive team, Ro managed eBay's online parts business as a Director at eBay Motors and also was responsible for managing Market Development at eBay, including operation of eBay's U.S. wireless efforts. Prior to eBay, Ro co-founded Cima Systems, a leading VOIP software provider for auto dealers. Ro earned his MBA from Stanford University School of Business.

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Christine Connors Christine Connors
Global Director, Semantic Technology Solutions
Dow Jones, Enterprise Media Group

Christine Connors is the global director, semantic technology solutions for the Enterprise Media Group at Dow Jones and Company. In this position, she manages a worldwide team that is responsible for the development of taxonomies and metadata that are used to add value to Dow Jones news and financial information products, and a US-based team of software developers who support the Synaptica® software application. She also supports Dow Jones consulting practices, based in the Americas, Europe and Asia, which deliver end-to-end information access solutions based on taxonomy, metadata and semantic technologies. Ms. Connors holds a master of science degree in Library and Information Services from Simmons College, Boston, and a bachelor of science degree in Theatre Arts Management from Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York.

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Howard Greenstein Howard Greenstein
Harbrooke Group

Howard Greenstein is a Social Media Strategist and Evangelist, and President of the Harbrooke Group (, which specializes in helping companies communicate with their customers using the latest web technologies. His years of experience in the technology world, combined with his background as a business coach, allow him to facilitate difficult conversations and focus on the results of any project. Greenstein's career has spanned business and not-for-profit organizations such as the Twin Towers Fund, Microsoft, JP Morgan, New York University, and several start-ups. He is blogger for Inc. Magazine's StartUp Toolbox ( Howard has lead networking groups in the NY technology community since 1988, co-founded the first Web User Group in the US in 1994 and currently serves on the national board of Social Media Club ( He earned a B.S. from Cornell University, and a Masters from NYU's ITP program. Find him on Twitter and other Social Networks as "HowardGr."

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Dan Grigorovici Dan Grigorovici
President, Disruptive Logic
Conference Co-chair

With 8 years of dual experience in marketing analytics consultancy and leading algorithmic product development for Internet companies and solution development in Business Intelligence, data mining and machine learning, Dan Grigorovici has extensive experience in improving the effectiveness of real-time Enterprise Marketing Management technology for large scale multi-channel clients across various industries through personalization, real time Behavioral Segmentation and Targeting, rules-based analytical engines. Dan was the VP of Data Strategy & Analytics at AOL/Tacoda, where he guided next generation Behavioral Targeting product development using integrated web user data, transactional customer and financial data, as well as leading the development of a proprietary Enterprise wide Business Intelligence Platform across service lines. Dan was also VP of Analytics at Digitas, and ran analytical/algorithmic divisions at Rapp, Carat, ValueClick, IBM.

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Marc Hadfield Marc Hadfield
Founder & CTO
Alitora Systems

Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Alitora Systems Marc Hadfield is the inventor of Alitora's technology, including kHarmonyTM, and is an expert in information retrieval, knowledge modeling, and software architecture. He has designed and built data management systems for the finance and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for genomic research. Recently he performed research at the Columbia Genome Center in information extraction from scientific texts as part of the GeneWays project. Previously he was CTO of LCconnect, an online marketplace for large financial transactions of Fortune 500 Companies and Top 10 global banks, which was financed by Le Crédit Lyonnais and Tobat Capital, LLC. He is a graduate of Princeton University with a degree in Computer Science Engineering.

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Tristan Harris Tristan Harris

Tristan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Apture, the first platform that lets anyone create a connected media experience and be the guide. Apture's technology lets web site owners tap the content sources on the web to link a specific photo, a bill from Congress, clip a specific time in a video, or even a section of a Wikipedia article into their website, and present it in a way that generates empathy and understanding. Tristan's career spans the open, free content world of Wikia and Wikipedia to the user interface engineering world of Apple, where he has two pending patents. Tristan was a Mayfield Fellow with the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and stopped out of the Stanford Computer Science Masters program to start Apture. He was a featured speaker about the Semantic Web at the Online News Association conference, and frequently speaks at universities.

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John Hendry
Chief Technology Officer

John Hendry oversees all technology infrastructure and application development for M5. John, an expert in business VoIP and security, has over 20 years of technology experience and has founded a number of successful service provider and Internet technology companies. Since 1999, John has led numerous VoIP implementations for enterprises and service providers in areas that include speech recognition and enhanced telephony and messaging services. In addition, John co-founded iSecure, one of only two companies certified to provide network security services to the Australian Government, which later was acquired and incorporated into the United States security provider Betrusted.

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Tomasz Imielinski Dr. Tomasz Imielinski
EVP of Global Search and Answers

Dr. Tomasz Imielinski, leads answers technology at and is full professor at Department of Computer Science at Rutgers University

Imielinski has published nearly 100 scientific papers, received numerous patents, and authored two books. In 1991, he co-invented the concept of "association rule mining", which has become one of the key data mining techniques included in every major commercial software database package. His paper on this subject is one of twenty most-cited paper in all computer science literature, and he received the "most Influential Paper" award in 2002 from the Very Large Databases Conference. For his work on Mobile Computing, he won an award for "2003 Test Of Time" from the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) interest group in data management (SIGMOD)

He is a co-founder of Connotate Technologies ( - one of the leaders of data extraction from the web.

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Alex Iskold Alex Iskold
Founder & CEO
Adaptive Blue

Alex Iskold is a Founder/CEO of AdaptiveBlue, a company focused on pragmatic semantic technologies. Alex is also a feature writer for one of the top technology blogs – Read/WriteWeb. He frequently speaks at technology conferences about semantic web, widgets, cloud computing, social networks and other modern technologies.

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Mark Johnson Mark Johnson
Senior Program Manager

Mark Johnson is a senior program manager at Microsoft Live Search, through the Powerset acquisition. He is responsible for integrating Powerset technology into Live Search and promoting the Live Search and Powerset through PR and marketing activities.

Prior to the acquisition of Powerset by Live Search in 2008, Mark worked as product manager for Powerset, Mark managed marketing/PR and lead the Powerset product through two successful launched. Mark has worked as a product manager at Kosmix, SideStep (acquired by Kayak in December 2008), and SAP. Before joining the technology world, Mark studied philosophy at Stanford University.

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Robin Johnson Robin Johnson
FT Search

Robin Johnson is CEO of FT Search, Inc. the company that launched, a unique search tool for business professionals. Prior to founding FT Search, he was President of the Financial Times, Americas, with overall responsibility for the newspaper franchise in the region from 2003 to early 2007. Previously, Robin founded and served as Chairman and CEO of Avid Networks/Sticky Networks, a marketing services company dedicated to engaging online consumers in user-friendly and visual ways. Robin also served as the first outside CEO and President of Infoseek Corporation, one of the largest companies on the Internet, and at the time, a leader in interactive Internet advertising. Prior to that, Robin served as the Senior Vice President of corporate development for Time/Warner, where he was responsible for the business development strategy for Time Inc.'s magazine group. In the early 90's, Robin served as President of Time Inc. Asia, a subsidiary of Time/Warner, where he was responsible for the strategy, operations, and management of Time Inc. Magazines Asia. Based in Hong Kong, he managed eleven country operations and ten different business units. Robin has also been the President/Publisher of The Atlantic Monthly, and has held senior positions at US News, PEOPLE Weekly. Robin earned a degree in Engineering (BSE) from Princeton University, and graduated a member of the Sigma Xi honors society. Robin has a range of interests from non-profits to the outdoors. He resides in Darien, Connecticut with his wife, two sons, and a number of small mammals.

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Alex Karp Alex Karp
CEO and Co-Founder
Palantir Technologies

Alexander Karp is the chief executive officer and a founder of Palantir Technologies Inc., a thriving software company based in Palo Alto, California. Palantir's powerful analytical platforms are revolutionizing information analysis and knowledge management in financial, intelligence, law enforcement and military arenas. Prior to Palantir, Alex established the Caedmon Group in 2002. Based in New York and London, the Caedmon Group offers clients access to high-quality investment opportunities in the areas of hedge fund, venture capital, private equity, and intellectual property in the United States and Europe. Alex earned his law degree at Stanford University and received his Ph.D. in neoclassical social theory at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. A U.S. citizen, Alex is bilingual in English and German, and fluent in French.

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Brian Killen
VP Business Development
Unbound Technologies

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Nanda Kishore Nanda Kishore
Chief Technology Officer

Nanda Kishore has more than 20 years of experience in consumer technology, enterprise software, Internet and web services, including 12 years in senior management roles.

Prior to joining ShareThis, Nanda was General Manager, Product Ads at where he was responsible for developing a new product that enabled third party merchants to market their products on Amazon through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. He led the product strategy, product development, sales/account management, and operations in testing and executing this new business.

Nanda has also held positions as co-founder and CEO of, a comprehensive online shopping search engine, and co-founder and president of Products and Technology at BridgeSpan, Inc., an industry leader in providing enterprise e-mortgage software solutions to national mortgage lenders. Nanda holds an undergraqduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and graduate degrees from Louisiana State University and Cornell University.

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Paul Knegten Paul Knegten
Head of Marketing
Dapper Inc.

Paul Knegten heads up marketing at Dapper, an online advertising and semantic web technology company. He is also an independent marketing consultant advising on online marketing strategy for clients such as MTV and Knegten posts regularly at and on Twitter @pknegten.

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Ravi Krishnamurthy Ravi Krishnamurthy
Chief Software Architect
Kickfire Inc.

As Chief Software Architect, Dr. Krishnamurthy brings 25+ years of experience conducting and managing database research at top US industrial and academic institutions. He has converted his research at the frontiers of computer science into commercial products at two successful startups.

Dr. Krishnamurthy started his career working with Dr. Moshe Zloof (the inventor of Query-By-Example) at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. He held Senior Researcher & Chief Architect positions in the Database Program at MCC, Austin, TX. This database program included the LDL/Bubba projects that were credited with the seminal paper on column store in 1986.

In 1989 he co-founded LIM, his first startup, a profitable company that leveraged column store technology to deliver high performance databases to Wall Street and energy trading institutions. He still holds the position of Chairman. Dr. Krishamurthy was a co-founder & CTO of Exemplary which spun out of HP Labs after seven years of research.

He has published over 40 refereed papers and holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani, India and a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Steven Lavine Steven Lavine
Transparensee Systems

Steven Lavine is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Transparensee. Prior to Transparensee, Steven was an attorney at Debevoise & Plimpton. Steven has a degree from Yale Law School, where he was Senior Editor of the Yale Law Journal. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College.

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Eric Litman Eric Litman
Chairman & CEO

Eric Litman is Chairman and CEO of Medialets, a New York-based premium advertising network and analytics provider for mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android. Eric began his career with technical and software engineering positions at GEnie, a pre-Internet online service provider, and NeXT Computer. He is a pioneer of the Internet's commercialization, and as a co-founder of Proxicom, helped to build one of the first, largest, and most successful publicly traded interactive agencies. Eric most recently served as Managing Director of WashingtonVC, an early-stage fund and incubator. Previously, Eric held senior executive roles in high-growth Internet businesses, as founder and CEO of Viaduct Technologies, a global Internet and mobile interactive agency. Previously, he was instrumental in building digitalNATION, a world leading web hosting and services provider, from its launch through its $100m acquisition by Verio Internet/NTT (NYSE: NTT).

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Luigi LoPresti Luigi LoPresti
Founder & CEO
ONUS Consulting

Mr. LoPresti is a Summa cum Laude graduate of Northeastern University in Boston where he studied Political Philosophy. He attended the University of London in 1995 to continue his studies in Economics and started his own company-Early Egg, in 1997-providing market sector research and analysis reports to high tech and biotech companies.

After that, he served as Strategic Services Director for the Momentum Group, providing Financial Services companies with Interactive tools in the early Internet. For the next ten years, he served as a Senior Interactive advisor to Ad Agencies and their Brand partners-including Ford, Honda and Toyota, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Charles Schwab, Kraft Foods, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, El Pollo Locco, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Moneygram. As of 2007, he began investigating the critical importance of technology, in particular the emergence of the Semantic Web with several Silicon Valley Investors and Developers. Mr. LoPresti is regularly called up to advise Venture Capitalists and their technology partners on the viability of their offerings in the Advertising marketplace.

With these developments in mind, he founded "The Group", a consultancy firm for the Digital Age concentrating in forward-thinking innovation that bridges the gap between technology and advertising. He is a noted speaker at the Web 3.0, MediaBistro, and MCONN conferences. He is working on his first book: "Disconnect. Living at the Critical impasse of Humanity and Technology".

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Bernard Lunn Bernard Lunn

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Dwight Merriman Dwight Merriman

Dwight is one of the leading engineering minds in the Interactive industry, possessing a particular knack for solving the most complex problems. In 1995, Dwight co-founded DoubleClick and served as its CTO for ten years. Dwight was the architect of the DoubleClick ad serving infrastructure, DART, which still serves billions of ads per day. Prior to DoubleClick, Dwight worked as a software developer at DCA/Attachmate in Atlanta. In 2005, he co-founded both Panther Express and ShopWiki, at which he serves as chairman. He is also a board member of the web photo/video sharing company Phanfare. Dwight received a B.S. with honors in Systems Analysis from Miami University of Ohio.

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Oren Michels Oren Michels
Co-Founder & CEO

Mashery's co-founder and CEO has a record of success in a variety of executive positions spanning multiple industries. Oren co-founded and managed WiFinder, an international provider of directory services for public access wi-fi hotspots. He has served as president for two companies: Colt HR, a leading provider of mid-market benefits administration software and services; and, a leading online wine auction service. He also served as president and CEO of The Groundlings, a Hollywood-based entertainment production company, and has held COO positions at manufacturing companies. Prior to joining Mashery, Oren worked as vice president of business development at Feedster, where he managed the company's activities in China and negotiated partnerships with AOL, Real Networks, and Mitsui.

Oren began his career as a software designer for Hughes Aircraft. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and an MBA in finance and entrepreneurial studies from UCLA's Anderson School.

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William Mougayar William Mougayar
Founder & CEO

William Mougayar is the founder and CEO of Eqentia, a software platform that enables the rapid customization of semantic-powered knowledge environments, leading its users to efficiently consume and interpret new information. William has 27 years of operational leadership experience in business-technology, as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, management consultant and best-selling author. His career spanned 14 years at Hewlett-Packard in a mix of senior management, sales & marketing positions, 10 years as an independent management consultant, and 2 years as the global VP of Corporate Marketing at Cognizant. He was also a columnist for Computerworld, LANTimes and Business 2.0. William is a graduate of the University of Washington and the University of Western Ontario.

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Tim Musgrove Dr. Tim Musgrove
Founder & CEO

Dr. Tim Musgrove is the Founder & CEO of TextDigger, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup providing website owners with semantic profiling services designed to enhance their content aggregation and increase the findability of webpages. The TextDigger team came out of CNET Networks, where Tim was the Senior Research Fellow for Artificial Intelligence. At CNET his team developed patented linguistic technologies which today are used to auto-generate thousands of natural language texts posted on CNET's award winning websites. Tim's background areas of ontology, philosophy of language, and cognitive semantics are significantly visible in his development projects at TextDigger.

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Basem Nayfeh Basem Nayfeh

As CTO, Basem Nayfeh leads the development and innovation of the AudienceScience Behavioral Targeting Marketplace. Basem served as CTO and co-founder of CoRelation, an online behavioral segmentation and personalization media company acquired by AudienceScience in 2001. Prior to CoRelation, Basem was a research scientist at Digital's (later Compaq's) Western Research Laboratory, performing research in the area of scalable systems and algorithms. Basem has also held research positions at Sun Microsystems Labs and Canon Research, focusing on systems design and pattern matching algorithms. He also worked on large-scale scientific applications and visualization at IBM's High-Performance Supercomputing Systems Development Laboratory (HPSSDL). Basem received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the Computer Systems Laboratory at Stanford University.

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Julie Nielsen Julie Nielsen
Director of Client Strategy

Julie Nielsen is director of client strategy at appssavvy, a direct sales team for the social media space. She drives all strategies and integrated sponsorship programs between social media application developer and publisher partners, and the rapidly growing number of brands and agencies engaged in tackling the emerging opportunities involving social media applications. Julie was the first employee outside of appssavvy's two founders. Since joining appssavvy, she has been instrumental in the more than 75 social media application campaigns appssavvy has delivered for brands, including Lexus, Sony Pictures, Oakley, Coca-Cola, Verizon and Purina, among others. Previously, Julie was part of leading Freewebs' widget initiative. She began her career at Unit 7, a DM agency under the Omnicom umbrella of marketing companies. At Unit 7, Julie was active in developing campaigns for Pfizer, Wyeth, AstraZeneca and P&G. She is a graduate of the University of Iowa.

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Russell Nuzzo Russell Nuzzo
Vice President of Analytics

Based in New York, Russell is Vice President of Analytics at Rapp, an Advertising Age 2008 "A-List Agency". Mr. Nuzzo has 10+ years experience in data mining, customer segmentation, and targeting and extensive knowledge in several industries including Automotive, Technology, and Healthcare; having worked with major organizations such as Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard. His mission is to drive customer insights, leveraging as much data as possible, in order to enable clients to deliver compelling and tailored value propositions to their customer base. Russell has deep expertise in understanding public data sources, third-party data vendors, traditional client databases, and the exploding area of API available data. He holds an M.S. in Economics from Auburn University and is an avid runner.

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Eghosa Omoigui Eghosa Omoigui
Director, Strategic Investments, Consumer Internet
Intel Capital

Eghosa Omoigui has been with Intel for over 8 years and is currently Director, Strategic Investments, Consumer Internet and Semantic Technologies. In this Santa Clara, CA-based role, he acts as a senior investment professional in the world's largest stage-agnostic technology venture capital organization, focused on platform-agnostic web services and digital media-based investment opportunities in the consumer internet. Eghosa is also primary lead for Intel Capital's investment focus on next generation semantic technologies.

Prior to joining Intel, Omoigui worked in several start-ups in senior management positions and also served as a corporate and securities law firm lawyer, in-house counsel and turnarounds/restructuring advisor. Eghosa attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School and Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College and has been admitted to the Bar in Nigeria, New York and Oregon. Eghosa lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his 3 kids and a supersized german shepherd.

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Aza Raskin Aza Raskin
Head of User Experience
Mozilla Labs Mozilla Foundation

Aza is currently the Head of User Experience for Mozilla Labs, where he works on crafting the future of the web. He's led projects ranging from semantic language-based interfaces (Ubiquity), to redesigning the Firefox extension platform (JetPack). Aza gave his first talk on user interface at age 10 and got hooked. At 17, he was talking and consulting internationally; at 19, he coauthored a physics textbook because he was too young to buy alcohol; at 21, he started drinking alcohol and co-founded Humanized. Two years later, Aza founded, a minimalist music search engine that had over a million song plays during it's first week of operation. In another life, Aza has done Dark Matter research at both Tokyo University and the University of Chicago, from where he graduated with degrees in math and physics.

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Evan Sandhaus Evan Sandhaus
Semantic Technologist
Research and Development Operations
The New York Times

Evan Sandhaus has been the semantic technologist, for the research and development operations department of The New York Times Company since 2006. In this role, Mr. Sandhaus has developed a semantic technology for identifying key concepts in large text datasets; engineered a patent-pending system for purging template text from Web content; and collaborated with The Linguistic Data Consortium to release and promote The New York Times Annotated Corpus, a collection of 1.8 million richly annotated New York Times articles published from 1987 to 2007. Additionally, Mr. Sandhaus has led the development of a Web-scale web crawler, a Google Earth news layer and multiple search engine optimization toolkits.

Before joining the Times Company, Mr. Sandhaus worked at The University of Pennsylvania from 2005 to 2006 and Lockheed Martin from 2002 to 2005. Mr. Sandhaus holds a bachelor's degree from Williams College and master's degree from Villanova University, both in Computer Science. Born and raised in Leawood, Kan., Mr. Sandhaus now resides in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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Amiad Solomon Amiad Solomon

Mr. Solomon is the CEO and Founder of Peer39. Together with Peer39 scientists, research and development and marketing groups, he developed the core patents covering Peer39's unique semantic analysis technology and business practices. Prior to founding Peer39, Mr. Solomon was a sales and business development executive at IDX (acquired by GE). Mr. Solomon is one of the world's leading experts on the application of semantic technology to next-generation online advertising.

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John Stockton John Stockton
Senior RIA Developer

John is currently based in Bellevue Washington as a senior RIA Developer at Ascentium where he builds Silverlight applications for major companies like Microsoft and T-Mobile. His career has included building web applications for Fortune 500 companies such as GE, NEC, National City Bank and Sherwin Williams as well as government agencies like the Ways and Means Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. John has recently been spreading the virtues of Silverlight by co-authoring Silverlight 2 in Action and presenting at user groups and code camps. He has recently presented at the Mix09 conference and numerous regional and local events and user groups.

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Marta Strickland Marta Strickland
Manager, Social Media Strategy

Marta Strickland is the Manager of Social Media Strategy at Organic Detroit. She joined Organic over a year ago, and has since worked on a variety of brands including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Bank of America, and Geek Squad. In her role, she has made it her mission to define best practices on emerging technology trends and discover new ways to leverage social media to connect with consumers. She frequently voices her mind and evangelizes the power of social media as Editor-In-Chief of the Organic blog, ThreeMinds.

Prior to joining Organic, Marta was Interactive Strategist for Q LTD, a strategic design consultancy in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There, she played a leading role, managing diverse interactive teams for several clients, including University of Michigan and SIGGRAPH.

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Peter Sweeney Peter Sweeney
Founder & CTO
Primal Fusion

Peter directs R&D, product development, and market strategy for Primal Fusion, and is the innovator behind the company's semantic synthesis technology and its vision for "thought networking". Primal Fusion is Peter's third Internet venture over his 13-year career. Based in Waterloo, Ontario and founded in 2005, Primal Fusion is building an advanced platform of semantic technologies to power a more personally meaningful Internet for consumers.

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Thomas Tague Thomas Tague
Calais Initiative Lead
Thomson Reuters

Thomas ("Tom") Tague leads Thomson Reuters Calais initiative, spearheading strategy and product development. He also oversees the Calais developer community at, evangelizing the Calais Web service and its free and open API while working closely with commercial and non-commercial developers alike. Previous positions include EVP, Client Solutions for Darwin Partners and co-founder and COO for Tessera Enterprise Systems, as well as senior roles at Epsilon and Electronic Data Systems (EDS).

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Karen Teng Karen Teng
VP of Engineering

Karen is VP of Engineering at AdaptiveBlue. She oversees and leads the development effort for AdaptiveBlue smart browsing technologies. Before joining AdaptiveBlue Karen was the lead engineer at DataSynapse, where she worked on J2EE server virtualization.

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Andraz Tori Andraz Tori
Co-Founder & CTO

Andraz Tori co-founded Zemanta in 2007, where he serves as a CTO. He architected Zemanta's semantic-based writing assistant and discovery engine. Prior to Zemanta, he hosted TV show on information technologies at Slovenian national television. There he noticed opportunity for authoring tools that understand text content. Zemanta was founded to provide such solutions - suggestions of related news, links, images and tags to content authors. Andraz has strong computer science background combined with presentational skills. His mission is to take state of the art tech and hide it behind simplest possible user interface.

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Eric Wheeler Eric Wheeler

Prior to 33Across, Eric was the CEO of Neo@Ogilvy and Executive Director of Ogilvy Interactive North America. Under his leadership, Ogilvy Interactive's revenue grew five-fold from 2003-2007 working with leading brands including IBM, American Express, TD Ameritrade, Cisco and Yahoo!. Eric was co-founder and President/COO of Lot21, the award-winning digital agency that sold to Carat in 2002. Eric's 18-year career includes leadership positions at CNET, Young & Rubicam and Anderson Lembke in San Francisco. Eric holds a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from Boston University.

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Hank Williams Hank Williams
CEO, Kloudshare
Conference Co-chair

Along with being the co-chair of the Web 3.0 Conference and writer of the popular blog, Hank is CEO of KloudShare a software company, focused on the development of a new web 3.0 development platform. Before KloudShare, Hank operated Elroy Networks, a development and consulting company focused on Internet media related technologies. Prior to Elroy Networks, Hank was Founder, Chairman, and CEO of ClickRadio, one of the Internet's first interactive radio services. As the company's chief business strategist and lead architect, he pioneered many of the concepts and technologies that that underpin the current interactive music space.

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Dan Willis Dan Willis

Dan Willis is a user experience professional who has been working online since 1995. He created's first user experience group, was PBS' first Director of User Experience and spent a decade at various print and online ventures for Tribune Co. He is the author of a blog for UX professionals ( with expertise in design, information architecture, usability, and digital strategy. Willis is a frequent speaker at Internet-related conferences, presenting at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival earlier this year as well as the Interaction Design Association's annual conference and the Information Architecture Summit. Currently a consultant at Sapient, his clients have included the American Museum of Natural History and the FBI.

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Mike Young
Chief Creative Technologist
Research and Development Operations
The New York Times

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