Director, Strategic Investments
Consumer Internet
Intel Capital

Head of
User Experience
Mozilla Labs

Calais Initiative
Lead, Thomson

Global Director
Semantic Technology
Solutions, Dow Jones
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TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2009

Thomas Tague 9:00am 9:50am: Opening Keynote Session Monetizing Content in Today's Ad Environment
Thomas Tague, Calais Initiative Lead, Thomson Reuters

In this time of economic unrest, content creators and publishers are fighting for survival and classic advertising methods are limited in their ability to support businesses. Advertising revenues and spending have declined and messages are less and less relevant to consumers, continuing to cause selective attention and responses. In this keynote session, Tom will explain how Open Calais has helped companies differentiate and better monetize their properties by bringing the web to their users, therefore decreasing the need for them to leave the site.

Aza Raskin 1:10pm 2:00pm: Keynote Session Order from Chaos: The Contextual Web
Aza Raskin, Head of User Experience, Mozilla Labs

At Mozilla, they don't talk about building a semantic web; that's synonymous with saying it won't happen. Instead Mozilla talks about the contextual web, building the browser into an intelligent broker of your identity, and pragmatically turning the soup of data that is the Internet into the gravy of meaningfully contextual interaction. In this session, Aza will discuss making order from chaos, and making the Open web a better place to work, communicate, and play.


Eghosa Omoigui 9:00am 9:50am: Keynote Session Segmenting with Data: Today's Internet Marketing
Eghosa Omoigui, Director, Strategic Investments, Consumer Internet, Intel Capital

In this session, Eghosa will discuss microsocial segmentation as it is applied to internet marketing. Microsocial segmentation is a new data-driven approach to segmentation that uses network analysis and non-personal consumer behavior data generated by consumer-centric applications. This is a new and different perspective on digital marketing, as it focuses on data as the major asset as opposed to individual web sites or applications.

Christine Connors 1:10pm 2:00pm: Keynote Session Evolution: It's a Process
Christine Connors, Global Director, Semantic Technology Solutions, Dow Jones, Enterprise Media Group

Everything evolves; the web is no exception. Technologies, user goals and roles are becoming more refined and sophisticated. The adoption curve is no myth, and some ideas have a steeper learning curve than others. In this session, Christine will discuss how businesses, organizations and society in general will evolve with the web in a positive manner by building on what is known, starting with small projects and addressing the challenges head on.